Saturday, February 4, 2012

Take a Moment to Breathe

I want to remind my readers that this is not just another one of 'those cooking blogs.' Rather, it is a place where I share my thoughts about health as it pertains to the body, mind, heart and soul (especially how these different aspects of health pertain to young adults, like myself.) This blog is my outlet, my place to share my thoughts and my passions (cooking being one of them) with others my age who hopefully can, at the very least appreciate them, if not get something out of them. I encourage your thoughts, comments and feedback!

We all have those weeks when we're caught off-guard by a comment someone makes or behaviors from our friends, family or colleagues we're not expecting. How we deal with the unexpected and the negativity that sometimes surrounds us affects whether our minds and our hearts can ultimately find peace. We all need a little reality check every now and then, which is nothing to be ashamed of: we are only human. Don't be so quick to judge others...there's usually much more than what appears on the surface. After all, in the very act of writing or speaking a judgment of someone else, you are doing that which you're in essence ridiculing.

No cooking recipes today. Instead, I leave you with this thought: go do something for yourself today. It's Saturday, so take a little break. Clear your head, your heart, your mind, your soul. Find a way to get rid of all the negativity or uncertainty of the week that is now behind us. Do something for yourself. Reconnect with you.

In the words of Danielle, from the move Ever After: "...just breathe."

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